Interior Design & Glass Mosaics by Lani Wilson

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Designs by Lani Wilson



Lani has been doing interiors for over 30 years. Her projects are throughout Southern and Northern California and as far north as Seattle.  She is known for her comprehensive designs and works to coordinate the entire project, from furnishings, flooring, fixtures, surfaces and window treatments, to the smallest details. She is an expert with the blending of colors to create delightful spaces that are calming and elegant, lively but peaceful.

Clients are happy with the attention to their needs and wishes and the time that Lani spends with them to understand their style and personalities. Her design presentations are fully comprehensive and catered to each client’s personality.  She closely monitors the project all the way through the construction phase to assure that the end product is exactly what her clients want.

Lani selects the best team to accomplish her designs including architects, contractors, and subcontractors and she manages the project to the finished design with every detail in place.


Lani is an artist who designs intricate and colorful glass mosaics. Many of her mosaics are scenes of her hometown, San Clemente, California with its palm trees, blue ocean and historic Spanish architecture. She creates custom designs upon request.